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In news, television, uncategorized on July 27, 2007 at 12:13 pm


I’ve been in sunny Calgary for the last week on business. (That actually isn’t sarcasm, it has been sunny and nice.) Anyway, I’ve had some free time to check out Canadian TV, and I have to say, it’s generallly nothing to blog home about. The sports stations cover a lot of Canadian football, the weather is in celsius, and they tend to show only the crappiest American shows (So You Think You Can Dance?).

Thankfully, thedre has been one very pleasant surprise, The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. The best way I can describe the program, and its host, is to say that is is a sort of hipster version of Fresh Air. The host is a young, seemingly-cool, definitely smart, Canadian lad. On consecutive nights, I saw him interview Gore Vidal and the Barenaked Ladies with equal verve. Given any guest, theme or topic, Stroumboulopoulos is always looking for the insightful point of view.

The show’s site seems to have a comprehensive archive of past shows. It’s also available as audio podcast and a video podcast, via iTunes.

Check it out. George Stroumboulopoulos is definitely smarter and more interesting than Anderson Cooper.

  1. Smarter and more interesting than Anderson Cooper? Doubt it.

  2. Smarter than the Coop and Larry King rolled up into one. The best part of The Hour is that it doesn’t pretend to be hard-hitting news. It’s what I imagine the Dick Cavett or Mike Douglas shows were like in the 60’s and 70’s. Real guests. Real questions. No bullshit.

    (The bad news…Thanks to The Hour, I know more about both Howie Mandel and the Barenakel Ladies than i ever want to know. They run comprehensive bios of each guest before the interview.)

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