Steve Kulp

why bother?

In customer service, rants, travel, uncategorized, us airways on April 25, 2007 at 1:35 pm

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than the airline industry. They always choose to blame circumstances beyond their control for their service issues. Sure, the weather, air traffic congestion and security issues all bear heavily on their daily activities. That said, it’s hard to blame Osam bin Laden for the bag of pretzels they gave me on my Us Airways flight from Raleigh to New York today. As document above, the bag I received contained 7 total pretzels. I looked arond me, and that seemed to be “normal”.

Truth be told, I wasn’t even hungry, but I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who noticed their extreme frugality. I have to wonder…why did they bother at all? Have they even stoppped to think about the impression this gives customers? It seems to me that they are so busy pinching pennies that they have TOTALLY lost sight of their customers. It’s almost as though they are simply going through the motions like zombies.

  1. Here is a GRE Question:
    Pretzles are to airlines as ______ are to the gym industry.
    Answer: TOWELS
    After getting locked into a 1 year VIP contract (that includes free towels) at a local gym I was just as irritated when my gym 1) substituted their small towels with shop rags and 2) decided to charge a $1.25 rental fee for shower size towels. After reading about your pretzle experience I am wondering if there are proxy indicators like towels or pretzles that suggest the level of tankitude in every industry. I think the next time I sign a gym contract I will look at their towels first……

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