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In uncategorized on January 5, 2007 at 2:06 pm

So, I got tagged by Kevin just before the holidays. We all know how it goes – I reveal five things about myself and then tag five more people to do the same.

Here goes…
1: I grew up in New Jersey, but when people ask me where I’m from, I say Philadelphia. In my defense, my hometown is only 25 miles from the city and I did go to school and work in the city for most of my adult life. I associate myself more with Philly than Jersey. I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina now. It feels like home, but I’ll never be “from here”.

2: I steal pint glasses from bars. Not exactly a felony, but I do feel a little guilty every time I look at the 50-plus collection I have amassed.

3: My first real job was at IKEA. I worked in the North American HQ as a designer/art director for six years before going back to school. I worked with more than a few Swedes and travelled to Sweden a bit, leaving me with a fondness for Swedish culture.

4: I have never, not once in my life, eaten an olive.

5: I love squirrels. Outside the window of my home office, I have two squirrel feeders for my own amusement. This may explain why I don’t post to my blog more often.

I hereby tag these five people…
Mr. Huntington at Adliterate (Has he not yet been tagged?)
Graham Furlong at Work hard + Be nice to people
Amber Finlay at Big Secret Pizza Party
Graeme “Doug” Douglas at Planning for Fun
Chris Ray (I’m calling you out, punk. Get that blog up and running.)

  1. hi!

    I’ve already been tagged (responses on my blog) but it would be rude not to give you five more here:

    1) I worked at Burger King part-time for four years. Contrary to popular belief, if a burger goes on the floor, it goes in the bin.

    2) And on a burger tip… I really love gherkins (pickles). A burger’s not a burger without them.

    3) I really really want to backpack around the world but fear I never will.

    4) My favourite city in the whole world is Rome. It’s incredible the amount of interesting and important ‘stuff’ that one city can contain.

    5)My great-grandad was on the R&D team that invented Kit Kats (do you have them in the States? if not – they’re a very popular chocolate bar in the UK)

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