Steve Kulp

  1. I agree. This reminds me of our recent discussion about researching cars before buying. I still suspect that most people don’t do enough of it. (How else could GM still be in business?) We’re all prone to the pitfalls of poor impulse control. I remember drooling over the Scion xb. I let myself be totally seduced by it on looks alone, and then became more enamoured after ogling their website (which of course is the most effective commercial I can think of for something like a car). If I were my 20 year old self, I’d probably own one by now, cursing it’s paltry horsepower all the time, and longing for a more sensible car like my aging Nissan with every payment. At it’s heart, advertising is most effective when it allows us to forget, or worse ignore, our better judgement and true needs, and follow our impulses all the way to regretville. A process all too effectively abetted by the credit industry. Thankfully(?), I’ve been snookered enough times now to know better, and I tend view all advertising with a very cynical eye now. Or maybe I’m just cheap. Either way, I don’t have a lot of doodads, and I’m relatively happy and fulfilled. But, that new ipod IS pretty cool…

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