Steve Kulp

  1. Here’s a little excercise that may shed some light on the subject: Let’s suspend our disbelief for a moment, and consider a somewhat sci-fi scneario. Pretend there’s a wonderpill, that when taken, enables one to become instantly fluent in a language they could never speak. How quickly would the words or phrases become worn out and loose their power when spoken in Italian? (a language I think most people regard as beautiful). I’ll bet it happens pretty quickly. The boringness of jargon is the price the initiated pay in exchange for expediency in communication with their colleagues. It’s true in all fields. Just be glad you’re not a lawyer. Their jargon is literally codified. Eek.

  2. Well put, monkeyboy.

  3. Replacing the word viral with memetic?

    Cool post about words, context, and meaning… what does it all mean?

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