Steve Kulp

  1. Being the logical portal to the web that it is, Google is my homepage, and has been for years. I know, they own the internet and all, but I don’t care. What they do, they do well. At first it was just the standard search page, but then I realized there was the option of customization. One can pick and choose from a seemlingly endless set of information sources. From headlines across the political spectrum, to ESPN, to word of the day, or even superfluous things like eye candy and games. But so far my personal favorite has been the Shaekspearean Insulter. It’s a hoot. By the way, I once had a fling with the Onion as my homesqueeze, but it didn’t work out. I guess I’m a creature of habit.

  2. Now that most browsers have the little Google search function in the toolbar, you really don’t need it as a homepage. There’s not much to look at. It’s all about searching.

    Anyway, you’ve actively chosen Google as a gateway to all the web has to offer. Does that say anything about you?

  3. Perhaps it says I’m lazy. The actual way in which I set my Google homepage up says more, I think. I have, for instance, chosen to see upon each login, headlines from the following sources: NY times, ESPN, Washington Post, Psychology Today and Reuters. Also there is Weather, quote of the day and word of the day. Plenty to look at actually. Google has become more of a backdrop enabling this information. Any smiilar site could (and probably does) provide a similar service, i.e Yahoo.

  4. By the way, how much more controversial than CNN do you want to get? Fox’news’.com? Michael NAMBLA?

  5. I use the google homepage…that way I get blogs, news, gmail, and all of that stuff all in one quick dashboard…although if I end up using bloglines I might switch to that.

  6. By the way steve, I’ve tagged you. You know the drill.

  7. “bloglines”? Hip me…

  8. The psychology of homepages

    Free Association, is a great blog, here’s an excerpt from this article. “They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. I have another theory. I think you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their web browser’s homepa…

  9. god, I’m boring.

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