Steve Kulp

the white wonder

In technology, words on October 26, 2006 at 10:18 pm

Came across this great article by Michael Agger on, questioning the almost mythical status the iPod has taken in our culture. Here’s a brief excerpt:

I’m willing to concede a lot to the iPod. People compose intricate playlists for morning runs, parties, and studying, something that a Walkman couldn’t do as well. The “shuffle” option can save you from a musical rut. Those boombox guys don’t seem to be around much anymore. The right song at the right moment can make you feel like a champion of the world. But we are all still sniffing the same old glue: Yanni, Bach, Pet Shop Boys, Sinatra, Iron Maiden, Young Jeezy. The iPod is not a paradigm shift; it’s simply music to our ears.

It’s an interesting point of view. We seem to be so enamored of the device that some of us tend to forget why we have the device in the first place—the music. Does iPod empower us to surround ourselves with new and interesting music, or simply enable us to keep listening to the same, god-forsaken old crap?

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