Steve Kulp


In awesome on October 13, 2006 at 10:24 am

In case you haven’t noticed, (PRODUCT) RED has launched in the US. (RED) is Bono’s initiative to raise money for the Global Fund, an initiative to fight Aids, tuberculosis and malaria worldwide. Here’s a CNN story on the campaign.

Here’s how it all works. Several companies, namely Gap, AmEx, Armani, Motorola, Converse and Apple, are offering special (RED) editions of their products. A part of the proceeds from the products goes back to the Global Fund. In the case of the (RED) iPod, the product is priced identically to all other comparable iPods at $199. If you purchase this iPod, rather than the blue one or the silver one, $10 goes to fight Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. It’s that simple. The more we buy, the more we help.

The beauty of the concept is that it naturally leverages the power of the purchases we were probably going to make anyway. A new iPod? A pair of sneakers? Clothes at the Gap? Chances are, I was going to buy one or more of the above in the next few months. I’m sure this is true of most of us. Now, all we need to do is buy the right one. I mean, the (RED) one.

These products, and the sentiment behind them, give new meaning to the words “special edition”.

I can’t write this without giving credit to my friends at Modernista!, who worked so hard to bring this great idea to life and build the (RED) brand. Great work, as always.

  1. i think that you having this program thing is a really good thing. it has inspi(red) me in so many ways to help the world. with you raising awarness like this, choosing products we buy regulary and not having us pay money every month like something off the feed the chilrdren i think you are using more practical terms. so thank you for doing what your doing.

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