Steve Kulp

et tu, dennis?

In rants, television, what the %&$#? on October 12, 2006 at 10:18 pm

I’m persistently annoyed by these financial planning commercials aimed at the baby-boomers. They’re so formulaic it makes me sick. Take some hippie imagery, pair it with the sixties track of your choice, add some voiceover about “redefining retirement”, and stir. They completely stereotype an entire generation. I can only wonder what they’ll be trying to woo me with when I turn 60. My money’s on Oasis’ Live Forever.

This Ameriprise/Dennis Hopper spot offers up a slightly new, but no less lame, variation on the theme.

Wait, the same Dennis Hopper who wrote and directed Easy Rider is now shilling for the man? No, it can’t be.

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