Steve Kulp

the handwriting is on the wall

In news, words on October 11, 2006 at 8:16 pm

It seems that keyboard culture has put a serious dent in the penmanship business, according to an interesting article in the Washington Post. Educators are starting to see a decline in student’s ability to write, literally. Of the 1.5 million students who took the 2006 SAT, only 15% chose to write the required essay portion in cursive. The rest were printed in block letters. Keep in mind that this is a timed test that (more or less) determines the trajectory of these students’ academic and professional futures. And they chose to write it the “slow way”?

I suppose I saw this article coming. I have been pretty much unable to write in anything except architecturally-correct block letters since about the age of 17. No cursive. No lowercase. Just bold, uppercase lettering. Four years of high school drafting, followed by four years in architectural school will do that to you.

Is this a problem? Is cursive necessary? Will we miss it?

  1. Most grade school teachers say they don’t bother with script instruction now, especially since they have to spend so much time prepping kids for standardized exams. I guess that means I now have a quaint skill to pass to my son, should he want it.

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