Steve Kulp

the century of satire

In news on September 26, 2006 at 6:46 pm

A few weeks back, the New York Times Magazine featured a brilliant article entitled My Satirical Self. The article posits that “making fun of absolutely everything is defining a generation.” From the Onion to the Colbert Report to South Park, satire has quietly become the lens through which many view the world. (The Daily Show regularly bests most “real” news programming in the key 18-34 demographic.)

While the article seems to celebrate satire, its closing paragraphs are more cautionary:

“Can you take shelter in the ridiculous if evrywhere becomes ridiculous? For the tools of satire, the sharp knives of sarcasm and the pointy shivs of irony and the toy hammer of lampoon are being wielded with widespred enthusiasm, and not merely by cunning builders of satirical speeches and stories. Rather, they are being lent to us all, to enable every possible construction.”

  1. THANKS for the tip, very intriguing article.

    It’s definitely a zeitgeist I’ve noticed and have been irritated by. Everything’s just a big joke, right? In trying not to get mad about it, I’ve come to thinkk of it, at least partly, as a kind of coping mechanism. My God, look around. It’s so easy to fall into despair. Maybe making fun of everything is just one way of staying sane, or at least alive.

    Just something I’ve been thinking about. Cheers!


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