Steve Kulp

one out of five-hundred

In news on September 25, 2006 at 1:45 pm

In an age when a phrase like “corporate transparency” are bandied about in the business world, it’s important to note that only one CEO of a Fortune 500 company actually maintains a blog. The lone blogger, Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems, kept a blog well before he ascended to the role of chief executive. This New York Times article from July 30, 2006 does a great job surveying the landscape of the corporate blogosphere.

I find the “1 in 500” ratio astounding. The argument could be made that these are busy individuals whose every word can be construed as a possible SEC violation. That’s bogus. They have executive assistants to help them maintain a blog and legal counsel to keep them withing the law.

 Is it possible that all of the talk about “corporate transparency” is just that, talk?

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