Steve Kulp


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Who said Powerpoint was useless? This is quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen — hip-hop and rap tracks represented in the form of Powerpoint charts and graphs. (Note: Each slide is a link to the YouTube video of the song referenced.)

the cola wars

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I always wondered if this actually ever happened. Every time I see the FedEx guy and the UPS guy enter the office at the same time, I expect a melee. I suppose a Coke/Pepsi brawl makes even more sense.At the end of the day, should Coke and Pepsi be upset about this? I mean, these two mooks were so proud of their respective brands that they took to arms. Brands need advocates and evangelists and champions…what about brand gladiators?  (P.S. – I hope Coke kicked Pepsi’s ass.) 

newfound respect

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I attended the Austin City Limits Festival last week. Despite the Texas heat, described to me by a friend as “Africa hot”, it was amazing. Austin is a wonderful city, ans the festival is an extension of everything that makes it so: great music, good food, and really cool people.In the course of three days, I saw more interesting bands than I can remember. Some peformances leave you underwhelmed. Others solidify your respect for a band. You fall in love with new artists, and you renew your vows with old favorites. That said, my favorite moments are those where you see a band you have always appreciated and walk away with newfound respect.For me that was LCD Soundsystem. I already own their CDs. I throw them on in the car now and then. A few tracks appear on my iTunes playlists or on my iPod for working out. Their live show, however, took it to whole new level. There something about seeing them perform live that adds some soul to the proceedings. It stops being clever lyrics and electro-production and becomes a living, breathing thing. What was a bit cold and removed on the CD becomes a visceral, urgent thing.I tried to find a decent clip from ACL, but alas, there were none. The clip above it a live TV performance, and gets the point across.There’s also this video for the same track, All My Friends. Pretty amazing stuff.